Grumpy Mule Sumatra Seasonal Swiss Water Decaffeinated Ground Coffee / 6x227g
The decaf version of Grumpy Mule's best selling coffee; the organically grown Gayo Highlands is cultivated by smallholder producers in the highland districts of Central Aceh and Bener Meriah in northern Sumatra. The Fairtrade-certified KBQB cooperative (Koperasi Baitul Qiradh Baburrayyan) has been licensed since 2007 and now has around 6000 producer members. An excellent decaf for all-day drinking, suitable for a range of coffee making equipment. The Swiss Water method of decaffeinating coffee is prized for preserving the aroma and flavour of the coffee without the use of any chemicals. Roasted a touch darker, there is a rounded chocolatey flavour to the coffee with good body. Very smooth and satisfyng.

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