Cotton Soft Facial Tissue / 32xpack
  • CottonSoft tissues brings the unique properties of gentle, natural cotton to care for our skin. With the added bonus of being made in an eco-friendly way with no harsh bleaches or intense chemical processing. Most tissues are made from processed wood fibre. Cotton Soft is produced from pure natural cotton, which is less abrasive than wood fibre and, therefore, smoother on the skin. On the environmental side, cotton is an annually renewable crop which is harvested with little impact on the environment. it doesn't need pre softening like recycled paper does and so is far more energy efficient and eco-friendly than a recycled paper counterpart.

  • Cotton Soft tissues are made from 100% organic cotton - all other tissues are made from wood. Cotton is less abrasive and more absorbent than wood, it absorbs germs and bacteria faster. Cotton Soft is ideal for use on sensitive skins and for removing make-up. Naturally biodegradable, no chemical pesticides, fertilisers or bleach. Safe for septic tanks. Organic
Cotton Soft Facial Tissue   vgfftogs 8N.B. You can only split this item into blocks of 8!