Sunita Pesto Genovese / 6x130g
Perfect with pasta, and try mixing with mashed potato, adding to soups and casseroles, or spread on lightly toasted bread with slices of fresh tomato for the perfect snack. There are also some great ways to use up leftover pesto, toss it into your pasta dishes, it really tastes great. Spread pesto right over grilled or steamed courgettes and squash, this acts as great vegetable seasoning.

  • Extra virgin olive oil, fresh basil (32%), pinenuts, garlic, sea salt. Sunita Organic Pesto Genovese is made with the finest fresh basil, harvested from Italy's beautiful Ligurian hills. It is unpasteurised, which helps to preserve the beautiful bright green colour and delicate flavour and aroma of the basil.

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