Byodo Bioland Cider Vinegar / 1x5L
  • Bioland unfiltered apple vinegar has a sweet-and-sour flavour and a mild, fruity bouquet. Compared with other vinegars, it is especially rich in minerals, trace elements, enzymes, and pectin, and is a valuable component of any nutritious cuisine. Bioland apple vinegar is made from especially juicy Bioland brand apples grown in the region north of Lake Constance. The freshly pressed juice is fermented to produce cider, which forms the basis of the tasty apple vinegar. The high quality raw materials and natural production methods create a distinctive, mild apple flavour. The unfiltered apple vinegar retains more of the vital nutrients than filtered varieties. Because the vinegar is untreated and is not heated during manufacturing, it might become cloudy over time.

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